GeoTomo offers specialized processing services for areas where the near-surface and structural complexities make it difficult to image the subsurface.

GeoTomo has developed advanced algorithms and workflows for imaging complex geological systems around the world (in both time and depth domains). These workflows include a number of leading edge tomographic techniques designed for optimum statics solutions and to deliver high resolution near-surface velocity models as well as advanced noise attenuation and other signal processing techniques.

Data Processing Services

Near-surface Imaging & Statics

Solve near-surface imaging and statics problems using advanced tomography and other near-surface technologies in both 2D and 3D

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Time and Depth Imaging

Advanced algorithms and workflows for imaging complex geological systems in both time and depth domains

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Microseismic Services

Perform microseismic survey design, data conditioning, event location and characterization of their source mechanisms for hydraulic fracturing monitoring projects

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Modeling & Survey Design

Conduct 2D & 3D presurvey and post survey ray tracing and forward modeling for VSP and surface seismic projects

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Interpretation Services

Integrated AVO Reservoir Characterization

Consulting services and topical training courses to provide management, analysis, oversight and assessment for reservoir characterizations projects.

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Enhanced Process Modeling Services

Services and management oversight related to the use of software for enhancing the processing of seismic data

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AI-Driven Reservoir Interpretation

A high-impact seismic software application that rapidly enhances the interpreter's ability to identify leads and prospects on 3D seismic volumes

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