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VISUS Release Version 1.5  

VISUS New Features and Fixes



This release is made on September 8, 2004
Conversion between 3D grided models and SEGY volumes:  Two new utilities have been added under the Conversion menu.  One option converts 3D grid models to SEGY format and one converts 3D SEGY volumes to 3D grid models.   Except for the input and output filenames, no parameters are required.
Export vertical slices in either SEGY or 2D grid model format:  Vertical slices created from SEGY or 3D grid models can now be saved as either SEGY files or as 2D grid models (.mdl files).  The command to save these files can be found on the vertical slice property dialog.  The saved files can be viewed in either VISUS or VECON.
Tool to measure selected area in scene:  To measure the area of an arbitrary polygon inside the VISUS scene, select the new Measure Angle icon from the main screen.  Using the right mouse button, select points to define the area of interest.  To close the area, select the first point again.  The calculated area will be displayed in the lower left of the window.  You can then measure another area or select the icon again to close the measurement tool.
Export sub-volume of a 3D SEGY or grid model:  Any user-selected sub-volume of a 3D SEGY or 3D grid model can be saved as a new 3D SEGY volume.  Using the Scan Sliders on the 3D Seismic and Grid Model property dialog, select the boundaries of the new sub-volume.  The Subvolume Export button, located on the same dialog, will create the new file.
Color-coding for down- and up-going raypaths:  For reflection raypaths, the user can now control the incidence (down-going) and reflection (up-going) segments of the rays separately.    The incidence and reflection segments now have their own color selection or can be switched on and off independently.  Reflection points can also be added to the display.  The size and color of the reflection points can be adjusted.
Information panel for 3D grid models and SEGY volumes: The 3D Seismic and Grid Model property dialog now has an Information tab that displays full information about the model or volume.
Generic ASCII grided layer conversion:  3D grid layers exported from any third party software can now be loaded into VISUS.   The File/Import Grid Interface command is used to convert the grid to an XYZ file that is loaded with File/Interface.  To convert a 3D grid file you will need to know the number of grids, grid spacing and origin, and the data order in the file.
Added support for Linux:  Visus is now available for Linux computers.  Contact us for additional details.
AGC and other scaling options for 2D and 3D SEGY display:  The 3D Seismic and Grid Model property dialog now has a Seismic Display tab for selecting the type of scaling to use for the display.    Traces can be scaled individually or with a constant scalar based on RMS, Max/Min, or Average amplitude.  AGC with user-defined window length is also available.