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VISUS Release Version 1.3  

VISUS New Features and Fixes



This release is made on May 10, 2004
Create Horizontal Time Slices from 3D Volumes: Horizontal time slices can be created from 3D volumes.  From the 3D Seismic property dialog, select the Plan View tab.  Using the arrows, move the display to the desired time (or depth for depth volumes).  You can also manually type in the desired time.  The Create Horizontal Slices icon will now create a time slice at the specified depth.
Create a Client Version with Embedded Data:  A client version of VISUS is a special version of the program that contains selected data pre-loaded and ready for display and manipulation.  To create a client version, first load the files you wish to include in the delivered product.  Select the File/Create Client EXE File command, and enter a folder name and .exe file name (for example customer/customer.exe).   When the customer executes their client version, VISUS will open with the data ready for viewing.  No additional data can be loaded into the client version.
Log Data with Non-uniform Depth Intervals:  When loading log data, the well depth values are now read from the data file rather than calculated from the file headers.  This allows reading of log data that is sampled in non-uniform depth intervals.  No changes are required for the way the log data is loaded.
Display SEGY Traces With Reverse Polarity: On both the 2D and 3D seismic property dialogs there is now a box to reverse the polarity of the trace display.
Measure Distance and Azimuth on 3D Plan View:  You can now easily measure the distance and azimuth between two points in the 3D volume plan view display.  Select the Display Measure of Distance and Azimuth icon on the plan view display and then right mouse click on any two points in the plan view.  The distance and angle will be printed in the lower left corner of the window.
Measure Distance and Azimuth in the 3D Scene: To measure the distance and angle between two points in the 3D scene, select the Measure Distance and Angle icon on the main VISUS display window.  The right mouse button is now active for measuring between points.  Right mouse click on any two object points and the measured distance and angle between them will be displayed in the lower left corner of the window.  Select the icon again to turn the measurement feature off.
User control of the Axis Annotation: The user can now set the starting value and increment for the axis annotation.  Under the Axis Editor, for each of the X-, Y- and Z-Axis tabs, you will find the Set Annotation menu.
Various Bug Fixes:  In addition to these and other new features, various minor bugs have also been corrected.