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  A VISUS Presentation at AAPG 2004    

VISUS is an integrated 3D VSP and surface seismic visualization and interpretation package.  3D VSP visualization integrated with the surface seismic solutions often involves multiple datasets with a large number of different types of property parameters.  3D interpretive integration of these multiple datasets will better characterize reservoir structures.  The design objective of this program is to simplify the display control while still offering the geophysicist a great deal of flexibility for data display and manipulation.

VISUS is a portable 3D seismic visualization and interpretation package that can be operated on multiple computer platforms.  To adjust display parameters or any object properties, the user simply selects the object and a uniform control panel will appear for making changes.  VISUS is a simple yet powerful geophysical tool. 

One of the fascinating features in VISUS is that the users can simply click a button and create a single disk file that wraps up a client version of VISUS and also the displayed data.  When the clients receive the delivered file, they can simply double click the file and view the data instantly and interactively.  With this unique feature, you will be able to deliver a digital solution truly in a digital manner.

VISUS is a joint development product by GeoTomo and VSFusion, a Baker Hughes-CGG company.  VSFusion and GeoTomo signed global deal and deployed the software for worldwide use by VSFusion and affiliates of VSFusion engaged in 3D VSP exploration and production activities.  VISUS is the second GeoTomo software product that VSFusion has installed in the worldwide offices of VSFusion.  The first one is VECON, a new generation of 2D/3D VSP survey design and modeling package.

VISUS includes the following features:

    VISUS v1.2 Release
    VISUS v1.3 Release
    VISUS v1.5 Release
    VISUS v1.6 Release
      Other VSP Solutions:
  • Displaying 3D grid- and interface-based models
  • Viewing 3D surface and VSP seismic images
  • Defining a VSP image zone for inserting images
  • Selecting an arbitrary slice from a 3D volume data
  • Plotting well bores, well logs, and corridor stacks
  • Making interpretation of 3D geological structures
  • Creating movies interactively and exporting images
  • Object-based design for any property editing
  • 3D stereo display of all integrated data
  VISUS is designed for Windows, Linux, and Unix.  For any evaluation request, please contact: support@geotomo.com