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VELMAP is a 2D/3D VSP data processing, velocity model mapping, and imaging program.  VELMAP interactively creates a depth velocity model for prestack depth migration.  Initially it applies a nonlinear tomography approach to invert a velocity model from the first breaks and reflection traveltimes of VSP data.  Users can then interactively modify the model with the reference of migration image and further refine the model with tomography.  The objective is to create an image-consistent velocity model. 

VELMAP also includes a data preprocessing workflow with over 40 functions that can be selected, wave-equation migration for PP and PS reflections, and a post-processing workflow.  The most recent version includes the capability of the interferometric conversion that converts down-going multiples of VSPs to surface seismic.  The current features include the following:



VELMAP v2.0 Release


VELMAP v2.1 Release
Other VSP Solutions:
  Building geometry and picking first breaks and multiple reflections VECON
  Preprocessing for 3C or single component of shot or receiver gathers  
  First-arrival and reflection traveltime tomography VISUS
  Constraining tomography using well logs and/or geological structures  
  2D prestack wave-equation migration for PP reflections and PS conversions
  Interactive velocity model update for migration  
  Automated workflow for data preprocessing and post-processing  
Other features that will be included in VELMAP in near future:  
  Initial migration model building from well logs and/or surface seismic images  
  3D Kirchhoff depth migration for common-shot gathers  
  VSP CDP stacking for 2D/3D imaging  
For answers to some general questions, please view VELMAP FAQ's.  VELMAP is designed for Windows and Linux.  For any evaluation request, please contact: support@geotomo.com