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Release of TomoPlus Version 5.8  
Leading The Way In New Technology in Near-Surface Imaging and Statics Solutions  
Main TomoPlus Software Page


TomoPlus New Features and Fixes:

This release was made on December 31, 2015


  1. Added ability to plot Shot Depths (or Receiver Depths) in Shot-Receiver Map
  2. Improved efficiency on displaying Shot-Receiver Maps
  3. Improved the Tracker picking algorithm when in COG mode


  1. Added an option to automatically specify a regular grid for picking subsets of shots for pick editing and/or for picking turning points
  2. Added option to pick turning points for layer models with velocities lower than air velocity


  1. New solution: Waveform envelope inversion
  2. New solution: Joint traveltime-early arrival waveform tomography-waveform envelope inversion (2D)
  3. New solution: Electromagnetic (EM) Inversion for Airborne and Land EM data
  4. New solution: Joint Seismic and Electromagnetic (EM) Inversion


  1. Added a utility to perform EM forward modeling
  2. Added a utility to convert between velocity and resistivity
  3. Changed the default in 3DVIEWM so that layers are not automatically loaded in when opening the model; this speeds up model loading significantly for large 3Ds
  4. Fixed problem that appeared as a hollow 3D model when annotation was turned on


  1. Added ability to stack up a specified inline or xline from 3D volume
  2. Added ability to generate the stack using multiple cores for 3D stacks


  1. New TomoPlus plug-in for SeisSpace® for improved workflow efficiency between the two applications
  2. Display Segy Trace on main launcher now allows user to load in several Segy files to display at once and compare