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Release of TomoPlus Version 5.7  
Leading The Way In New Technology in Near-Surface Imaging and Statics Solutions  
Main TomoPlus Software Page


TomoPlus New Features and Fixes:

This release was made on March 16, 2015


  1. For multi-segy projects, allow display parameters and increment to be saved when moving from one segy to the next
  2. Removed 20 second limitation on traveltime files


  1. Added option to edit color bar in pick density display
  2. Improved algorithm for removing bad picks on subsets of shots


  1. Added new algorithm to Remove Poor Picks (FBOUTLIER)
  2. Added more flexibility in moving modules within Processing Sequence; (Copy/Delete/Move multiple modules at once)
  3. Added ability to Append Parameter Files to add to workflows in Processing Sequence


  1. Joint traveltime-early arrival waveformtomography (2D/3D)
  2. Added option to Fix Layer in 2D/3D early-arrival waveform tomography
  3. Added option to use multiples of cell in 3D early-arrival waveform tomography (Inversion Grid Factor) for velocity updates
  4. Added option to Apply Prior Constrint to 3D traveltime tomograghy
  5. Added a utility to Project Graity Data to the same 2D line traverse as the seismic


  1. Added ability to extract 2D Model from 3D Model
  2. Added tool to extract 2D surface from 3D surface
  3. Enabled capability to pick a horizon (ie. datum) on 2D ray density display
  4. Added ability to save and load back strands picked in 3DVIEWM (to be used for picking datums)
  5. Added option to change colour of strands
  6. Added option to extract velocity at given location in 3D and create uphole file


  1. Added option to subtrct one statics file from another to view differences


  1. Survey Map will now have option to display individual project names, and to update all Xline tiepoints from main map view; added more icons to zoom and select line