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  MiVu ™ Microseismic Processing Software 
    MiVu™ Brochure (PDF)

MiVu ™ is a software package designed to perform microseismic monitoring during hydraulic fracturing.

MiVu ™ offers capabilities for building simple and complex geologic models interactively, designing optimal microseismic monitoring geometry, processing data with user-defined workflows, imaging event locations with multiple techniques, visualizing and interpreting microseismic events in 3D.

MiVu ™ is designed for both field engineers and processing geophysicists with automated workflows and automated imaging methods, and also many options for advanced processing, imaging, and QC analysis.

MiVu ™ is developed for Linux and Windows OS with applications for single or multiple CPUs

Model Building and Survey Design for Microseismic Monitoring

  MiVu ™ offers a robust model builder that can help users to create a velocity model using seismic images, well log, and geologic interpretation. MiVu ™ can also help to design optimal microseismic monitoring geometry through numerical testing with several different imaging algorithms and understand the imaging accuracy prior to the hydraulic fracture operation.

Microseismic Data Processing

  MiVu ™ includes a sophisticated 3-C microseismic data processing system that allows users to design an interactive processing sequence. Users may select a few processing functions and a picking method to process data in the entire project automatically on parallel CPUs. It also allows users to add on any third-party processing function or imaging method into the processing module.


Locating Microseismic Events and Estimating Focal Mechanism


Grid Search with Prediction

Microseismic Search Engine



MiVu ™ presents five imaging algorithms that are proven effective for microseismic monitoring.  These methods utilize the traveltime and full waveform information to infer the source information of microseismic events with different geophysical assumption, and together they present a full picture of the final results and associated resolution and accuracy.  


Microseismic Visualization and Interpretation

  MiVu ™ offers a 3D microseismic visualization and interpretation system.  It allows interactively displaying hydraulic fracturing data, seismic images, well log, geological model, VSP corridor stack, and many others along with microseismic events to help making interpretation.