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Release of GeoThrust Version 3.1  
The best seismic data processing system just got better!  
This release was made on December 23, 2013  

GeoThrust is designed to obtain an accurate earth model and earth image in time and depth from data recorded with irregular geometry in areas with rough topography, complex near-surface and complex subsurface. It has uncompromisingly high technical specifications for data analysis and quality control, but easy to learn and easy to use.
Main GeoThrust Software Page
GeoThrust v3.1 includes the following major features and improvements:
  • Fixed display problem in 2D Volume-based Picker
  • Modified the file format of initial model and the tomo-model to have 7 values on the first line with both dx and dz instead of 6 values with only dx
  • Fixed a bug in 2D tomography when using Apply Layer Constraint option.
  • Fixed a bug when there are shots between the first receiver and the model boundary. The bug was triggered by the extension of the topography at the model boundary using the first receiver. The shots would be in the air if they were at a higher elevation than the first receiver. Now the topography is reset with both shots and receivers instead of receivers only.
  • Added Trim Statics option in 2D Stack Power with option of FXCADZOW filter for pilot traces
  • Added a PREP module to perform depth-to-time conversion (D2T)
  • Added a PREP module to perform time-to-depth conversion (T2D)
  • Added a new parameter to limit the amplitude values in a range (in module DESPIKE)
  • Improved the performance of large traveltime file handling in FBDYN, FBVIB, and FBHDR.
  • Added ability to internally apply elevation correction and/or apply moveout function using traveltime file prior to picking first breaks in FBDYN and FBVIB
  • Modified FXCADZOW to handle Common-Offset-ordered data
  • Modified PREP module MUTEBOUND to reduce the migration swings on 2D.
  • Added a new PREP module NAN to remove NaN values.
  • Modified READCMP to write out the CMPs with zero fold.
  • Fixed a bug in PREP / STACK where the output coordinates are negative when the input headers are field coordinates. Also modified STACK to reset shot and receiver coordinates with CMP coordinates.
  • Fixed a bug in PREP / STACK that created erroneous scalar values after stack.
  • Modified STKCUBE, VTCUBE, and PSTM to handle less than 1ms sample rate.
  • Fixed a bug that the output trace headers of CIP gathers were different from the input CIP gathers.

  • Fixed bug in RMSVEL when picking migration velocities with bending-ray migration gathers that presented itself when final and floating datum were very different
  • Fixed a bug in reverse-time migration due to checking license.
GeoThrust is designed for Linux Workstation, and Linux Clusters.  For evaluation requests, please contact: info@geotomo.com