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GeoCT-I is a fully automated refraction traveltime tomography application for Windows. It presents a new way to image the Earth.  After you activate the software, point the program to the folder where the data will be recorded.  As each new shot is recorded, the program will automatically load it and image the Earth right away!  Shot by shot, you can see the progressive image improvement in the field and find out where an extra shot is needed and when there are enough.  It simply advances the concept of seismic imaging.


GeoCT-I integrates SEG-2 data display, picking, and traveltime QC, and tomography in a single automatic process within the same display window.

Allow you to create or edit survey geometry or topography if it is missing in a SEG-2 trace header, to adjust display parameter or apply AGC if you want to.

You can interfere an automated process at any stage or change it to a manual process, applying manual or semi-auto picking, removing a shot or modifying shot location, adjusting tomography resolution.


For the fieldwork, GeoCT-I solves your imaging problems right on site, and you do not need to be an expert to apply this state-of-the-art imaging technology.

For research or education, GeoCT-I presents an efficient and simplified imaging approach, but it also offers many options for performing detailed studies.

GeoCT-I is designed for Windows only.  For any evaluation request, please contact: support@geotomo.com